THE RED KNIGHT Facebook Page'The Red Knight' is the product of 25 years of meticulous research by its author. It is, arguably, the most comprehensive account ever written about the Canadian Air Force’s legendary solo jet-aerobatics performer. An important part of Canadian aviation history, the Red Knight has been somewhat overshadowed by the Air Force teams of the past and present - even though the Red Knight is second only to the Snowbirds in terms of longevity and total number of performances.
'The Red Knight' chronicles the history of the program, from its conception in 1957 to its cancellation in 1970. It is hoped that by reading this book Aviation enthusiasts everywhere will gain a greater awareness and appreciation of the skills and contributions made by the Canadian Air Force personnel who participated in the Red Knight program.
A publication of the highest quality, 'The Red Knight' is illustrated with rare photographs never published before. The book is further enhanced by specially commissioned works of art from noted Canadian Aviation Artist, Don Connolly.
Details of the various Red Knight paint schemes are provided through aircraft profiles, also specifically created for this publication. Together, this unique pictorial collection vividly portrays the legacy of the Red Knight.
Everyone who has enjoyed watching the precision, grace and beauty of aerobatic flight will enjoy this insight into the 'behind the scenes' aspect of aerial displays. A fine addition to any aviation reference library, 'The Red Knight' will be of particular interest to anyone who remembers the program or saw a performance of this uniquely Canadian display.
"It's hard to imagine a more comprehensive look at the Red Knight program--and at aerobatics in general." — Kirkus Reviews